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Is Your Business Ready for the New Changes?

As with every year, laws and MED regulations changed and many of those changes came into effect in January. If you want to be on top of all these new regulations, as well as the ones already in place, RZA Legal has 2 offers for you:

1. Comprehensive facility audits, including:

  • Simplify a facility audit, approximately 400 questions, including the following categories: Advertising, Books and Records, Edibles, Emergency, Employees, Facilities, Inventory Management, Inventory Tracking, Packaging and Labeling, Quality, Reporting Requirements, Sanitization, Security, Signage, Testing, Transportation, Visitors, Waste and Water.

  • Fire Safety Inspection: Fire safety inspection of facility, applying State and Local laws.

  • Health Inspection: Public health inspection applying State and Local laws.

  • Facility spot checks: Business records: Verification of all required business records, Inventory: Compare physical counts of a specific product to quantities in METRC, Label review: review of one SKU and Security Systems: Verification that the system is fully functioning and that requirements are satisfied.

  • Facility report: Audit report, Findings Memo with action items and facility workbook including: label review, security systems checklist, Fire safety checklist, Health inspection checklist, Business records checklist and monthly compliance checklist.

You already count on RZA Legal to provide top-notch legal and compliance service. Let our dedication to and knowledge of the applicable regulations go to work for you, rather than paying one of your hourly employees to figure out what the rules mean and determine whether your staff, facilities, and operations are complying. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

2. Standard Operating Procedures: review and preparation

Once an audit is done, we will know your business details and can draft any SOPs you may be missing to bring your business into compliance with MED regulations, or provide a suite of SOPs if you’re starting from scratch. Quotes on SOPs will vary depending on how many facilities you need them for and the status of your current SOPs. We can provide this service without the audits, but having audits completed as well helps get a fuller understanding of your current operations and an opportunity to suggest improvements to help with compliance and systems.

Now is a good time to get the above done since rules are changing starting 2021. Reach out if you need help with any of these items, or any other thing we can assist with. We are so proud to be your cannabis legal team.

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