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You've worked your assets off - let's protect them together.

Estate planning is the process of developing a plan and legal documents that ensure the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate during your lifetime are protected at death and distributed as you choose. Without proper planning and legal documents in place, the state will develop that plan for you, and it may not distribute your assets the way you would wish. 

Having an estate plan is a good idea for everyone, regardless of age, family, or health condition.  An effective estate plan addresses issues such as receiving proper medical treatment, probate avoidance techniques, leaving money to charities that do important work, and transferring ownership of your assets to the beneficiaries of your choice in a seamless and pain-free way.  If you already have an estate plan but have had a major life change (marriage, divorce, child born or adopted, relocation to another state, acquisition of property or business), it may be beneficial or necessary to update your estate planning documents.

For most individuals and families,

RZA Legal Estate Planning Packages will accomplish your goals.​

Laws regarding inheritances vary by state. RZA Legal is well-versed in inheritance laws of Colorado, Florida and New Jersey and provides comprehensive estate plans that are tailored to the needs and wishes of our clients.

Rachael began her legal career in Florida (the capital of estate planning, perhaps?!) focusing on estate planning, probate and guardianship.  She has seen time and again the consequences individuals and families face when there is no estate plan in place, including seeing clients incurring substantial court and legal fees, rather than those funds going to inheritances.  That is why RZA Legal offers reasonable flat rates for estate planning - we accomplish this through leveraging technology using video conferencing for client meetings and maintain a personal touch by making house calls to sign your estate planning documents.   

Although there are many resources available online for people to create their own estate planning documents, this is a complex area of law ripe with pitfalls for the unwary. Contact us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss which documents are available to you and which will best serve your needs.  

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