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RZA Legal provides critical expert witness testimony and reports with knowledge, credibility and composure.

Due to the complexity of local, state and federal regulations and laws governing the U.S. cannabis industry, many who are not directly involved with it on a day-to-day basis are unaware that there are very particular ways business operations and transactions can and must occur to remain compliant in this heavily regulated industry.  When a dispute arises, the triers of fact - a judge, arbitrator, or jury - often times benefit from a party's presentation of a subject matter expert to explain otherwise uncommon knowledge or information to help them resolve the dispute.  


As cannabis business and regulatory experts, the attorneys at RZA Legal are considered subject matter experts and as expert witnesses, we can prepare reports or testimony to assist a party in making their case easily understood.  Contact us if you are in search of a cannabis legal or regulatory expert who can communicate effectively and has a deep well of knowledge and information - not only on current cannabis regulations, real estate and business issues, but how those have evolved over the years.

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