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Taking our regulatory experience in cannabis for the benefit of natural medicine practitioners & entrepreneurs

In 2012, the voters of Colorado approved a state constitutional amendment allowing adult-use cannabis – a first among the states of our union. Since that time, a majority of the states have followed in our footprints and legalize cannabis for adult use, in the face of federal illegality. 


Ten years later, incorporating lessons learned from building the Colorado cannabis industry and recognizing the issues specific to the history, culture and use of psychedelics, Colorado voters passed a ballot initiative approving the Natural Medicine Health Act (“NMHA”).  The NMHA was further amended by legislation in 2023 that established legal guardrails and protections, and directed the state to create a regulatory framework for natural medicine cultivators, manufacturers, testing facilities, healing centers and facilitators.  


RZA Legal has the expertise to guide clients through the unique and complex challenges that face healing practitioners, cultivators, manufacturers, landlords, investors and others getting involved in Colorado's natural medicine field.  We are actively engaged in the rule-making process with the Natural Medicine Division, as well as local governments who are tackling what local guidelines will look like for those operating in the natural medicine supply chain. 

Whether you have questions about what activities are permitted under the Personal Use provisions of the NMHA, are seeking licensure as a regulated healing center, facilitator, cultivator, manufacturer or testing facility, or are a local government revising local law and code to incorporate natural medicine businesses in your jurisdiction, RZA Legal is poised to provide the expert guidance you seek.  

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