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What's your Game Plan?

New Jersey boldly moved forward with rolling out its adult-use cannabis business regulatory program in 2021.  Beginning December 15, 2021, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) began accepting cannabis business licenses applications.  


Drawing on our collective 20+ years of experience navigating emerging cannabis markets and our exclusive focus on working with cannabis businesses, RZA Legal is busy assisting New Jersey cannabis business clients to secure state and local licenses, proper real estate, and more.

The New Jersey Licensing Framework

Licensing Types

There are 6 operational license types and 4 license categories.  The operational licenses are: cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, delivery. There are certain restrictions on what license types may be held at the same time.  The 4 categories are: full/annual, conditional, social equity, and microbusiness.  More information on the process for applying for a New Jersey Cannabis Business License can be found HERE.


Micro Licenses

If the CRC does set additional caps on operational license types, micro licenses will not count toward that cap. Micros are also eligible to expand to a full license after a year of operation and based on market demand. Micros must have 10 employees or less; all owners must be NJ residents; 51% of all personnel must reside in the jurisdiction where the business is located (or an adjacent jurisdiction); 2,500sq/ft size limit on micro facilities. 


Conditional & Social Equity Licenses

The CRC accepts license application submissions on a rolling basis. Conditional and Social Equity applicants will have priority review (meaning, they will cut the line for review and approval).

I. Conditional

A Conditional License allows the applicant to submit an abbreviated application, and if they are approved, they then have 120 days to complete all other license requirements (such as, local approval, securing real estate, SOPs, etc). To qualify for submitting a conditional license, any owners with decision-making authority must have made $200k or less the preceding year. 


II. Social Equity 

Social Equity License applicant can submit for either full, conditional, or micro All Social Equity applicants have priority review and approval. To qualify:

a- owners reside in specifically designated Impact Zones or disadvantaged zip codes in NJ

b- certified by NJ Dept of Treasury as minority-owned, woman-owned, or disabled vet-owned

If you are ready to apply for a NJ cannabis business of any kind, RZA Legal is ready to help where needed to get your application in award-winning shape.  Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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