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What’s the buzz in Virginia?


“Entrepreneurs trying to interpret [Virginia’s] rules are often left with more questions than answers.”  

-Inside the ‘wild, wild west’ of Virginia’s marijuana market.
The Washington Post (August 26, 2022)


Being an entrepreneur is hard enough.  Add conflicting laws, confusing regulations, and an uncertain political climate and it’s no wonder you don’t know where to turn.  


 Cannabiz is unique.  Your lawyer should be too.  


In Virginia, cannabis licenses for recreational sales are not yet available, but both marijuana-related businesses and a thriving market of “green rush” entrepreneurs has emerged.  How does that impact your plans? Banking is nearly impossible and understanding what you can and can’t do (while staying legal) is hazy at best.


Growing classes?  Clothing products?  Soil?  Trademark protection for your logos & brand?  Specialized tools?  Private clubs?  Pop-ups?


Drawing on our experience as Denver cannabis lawyers working with the Colorado marijuana industry since 2015, we are ideally situated to guide clients through what will undoubtedly be a complex application process and continuing regulatory requirements from the state and local governments involved once Virginia law makers deliver on the people's will of an adult-use commercial cannabis industry.  


But as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that it's not always what you know, but who you know.  As a result, we are so excited to announce our collaboration with Dunlap Law, a business law firm with deep Virginia roots and a knack for solving big problems for small businesses - just like us.   

It all begins with a solid foundation.  Be smart at the start and get our advice on forming and structuring your business.  


Virginia cannabis law services available now:


  • Business formation & structuring

  • Employment contracts, handbooks, and policies

  • Specialized commercial lease terms

  • Virginia cannabis law guidance & strategy

  • Licensing, branding & royalty agreements

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Commercial transactions

  • Business succession planning

  • Vendor or independent contractor agreements

  • Business strategic planning


Legal counsel services coming

as soon as Virginia gets it's act together:


  • Cannabis business licensing

  • Cannabis transportation

  • Commercial breeding, cultivation, manufacturing and retailing

  • Product packaging & labeling compliance 

  • Cannabis hospitality

  • More regulatory compliance

When you’re ready to roll, we’re here to help. 

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