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Although cannabis currently remains illegal under Federal law, many states have implemented medical and recreational marijuana laws. These laws can create confusion for the individuals and businesses involved. 


I am dedicated to helping clients understand and comply with Colorado's various laws and regulations surrounding this industry. My firm offers guidance regarding Colorado medical and recreational cannabis laws and regulations, local cannabis laws and regulations pertaining to land use, zoning, and comprehensive representation in transactions involving the purchase and sale of cannabis businesses, business assets, and more.


 In Colorado, Hemp is significantly less regulated than the commercial cannabis industry.  However, there are still laws and regulations that hemp cultivators, manufacturers and distributors must comply with.  

Hemp businesses also face many of the same business challenges and issues of any other industry: relationships with vendors, zoning restrictions, commercial lease negotiation, testing requirements, business formation and more.  I have the experience to guide hemp and hemp-based CBD businesses through the legal and business issues they may face.


Whether you are a current Colorado cannabis business owner, landlord, investor, service provider to the industry, or looking to enter or exit the market, my firm serves in the following ways:

  • Cannabis business licensing

    • Dispensary, manufacturers, cultivations, hospitality, transporters, findings of suitability, social equity 

    • state, local, business, occupational

  • Business formation & restructuring

  • Commercial lease drafting & review

  • Licensing & Royalty agreements

  • Zoning  & real estate matters for cannabis businesses

  • Corporate &commercial transactions

  • Cannabis mergers & acquisitions

  • Compliant financing guidance for cannabis businesses

  • Licensing defense from administrative actions

  • Employment contracts, handbooks & policies

  • Vendor & ancillary business contracts 

  • State & local laws, applications, licenses & permits

  • Product packaging & labeling compliance review

  • Identifying new opportunities in the cannabis industry

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Dispute resolution

  • Business succession planning

  • Business strategy consulting

  • Notary 

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