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Summertime Rule-making – MED wants to hear from you!

Every year following the close of Colorado’s annual legislative session, the Marijuana Enforcement Division gets busy assembling work group panels and soliciting public comment on the creation of and revision to the regulations for commercial cannabis activity in the state.  Although COVID-19 seriously impacted lawmaking this session, a few key cannabis bills were signed into law in 2020, including changes to the laws regarding residency requirements to hold a license or work in the industry and establishing a “social equity” licensing structure that built on the framework of the accelerator program passed during 2019. 

In addition to legislative implementation, the MED is holding workgroups to add and revise rules regarding  best practices for sustainability in the cannabis industry, current rules related to licensee waste management and disposal, and a “catch all” workgroup intended to fix or change other topics that need to be looked at for revision.  MED really values the contributions they receive from other members of the commercial cannabis industry, because as much as they know about marijuana law and policy, business licensees are the ones living out these rules in their businesses, and so it's important to know what works, what doesn’t, and how the rules can make more sense and be easy to understand and comply with. That said, PLEASE contribute your knowledge of this industry by submitting some written comments about the rules, the policy, and the issues surrounding Colorado’s commercial cannabis industry. 

I am proud to have been selected for participating in MED rule-making workgroups for the past 2 years, and intend to do so this year and in each coming year to do my part to help craft logical, fair, and easy to understand regulations that can easily be complied with.  Even if you aren’t chosen to participate in a workgroup, all rule-making sessions are open to the public, and now even easier to attend since, due to COVID-19, they are held via Zoom, recorded and posted HERE.

If you are a licensee and confused by a MED or local regulation, don’t hesitate to reach out to me to see if I can help you – I dedicate my career to the cannabis industry, and want nothing but to see my clients remain compliant and succeed.


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