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Colorado Cannabis Industry Legislative Update

Updated: Feb 28

Picture of State Capitol building

Two significant Colorado cannabis industry bills have been introduced this legislative session : HB1061 – Marijuana Industry & Social Equity and SB076 – Streamline Marijuana Regulation. 


Below are some updates on these bills:


These bills, if they pass, will have SIGNIFICANT impacts on ALL existing licenses Marijuana businesses, so PAY ATTENTION! Notably, both bills are full of impactful changes across many issues facing the industry and would cause MED to create further and sweeping regulations to implement, such as establishing an independent delivery business model, testing and tracking requirement shifts, chances to owner and employee badging requirements.  

The fact is the Colorado cannabis industry is evolving. It’s imperative for licensees and regulators alike to remain agile, examine the value behind existing policies and regulations, and acknowledge the need for critical updates as the national cannabis landscape changes.  At RZA Legal, we are as committed as ever to work together with licensees and regulators to realign regulations with a focus on public safety and equitable access now that we are not the first and only state taking the risk on legalizing cannabis.

If you’re a licensee (or seeking to open a licensed cannabis company), reach out to hire the award-winning attorneys at RZA Legal as your go to legal team. We are dedicated to clearing the haze of the complex state and licensing processes so you can focus on operations. 


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