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Colorado Cannabis Industry Called on to be a Role Model in Public Safety

On November 17th the Marijuana Enforcement Division issued an Industry-Wide Bulletin highlighting reminders for maintaining compliant and hygienic operations in light of the spike in COVID-19 cases around the state. The bulletin was followed up with a meeting where the Governor's COVID-19 response team briefed all stakeholders about the new status dial and provided guidance addressing the current challenges arising from COVID-19. Specifically, the team challenged the members of the marijuana industry to be role models for all Coloradans as it pertains to the use of online ordering, curbside pick up and hygienic business practices. They explained that critical retail can operate at a maximum of 50% density at the current dial level red. If the dial level extends to purple the same density will apply to critical retail businesses.

Additionally, the MED acknowledged that there have been reports of licensee activity suggesting violations of public health and or executive orders. Please remember that failure to comply with the above mentioned orders can result in a violation affecting public safety, see emergency rule 1-105(B) cited below.

Emergency and Permanent Rules 1-105(B), 1 CCR 212-3, require all Licensees to comply with all applicable public health and executive orders and further provides that failure to comply with applicable public health or executive orders is a violation affecting public safety which may result in disciplinary action up to and including license revocation and summary suspension pursuant to sections 44-10-901(1) and (2), C.R.S.

Please also remember to follow health reminders set forth from the CDPHE:

  • Only interact with members of your household

  • Keep your distance - 6 feet at least at all times

  • Wear a mask

  • Stay home if you’re sick

Any questions? Contact RZA Legal.

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