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Commercial Cannabis Opportunities Continue to Open Up

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

As the most mature regulated cannabis market in the world, Colorado continues to see commercial cannabis opportunities open up around the state, with a number of new localities repealing their bans on allowing cannabis business operations within their borders, including Wellington, Grand Junction, and other areas across the state. In addition to the geographic expansion of opportunities, more local licensing authorities are considering home delivery, hospitality, and other changes to their licensing structures that incorporate social equity licenses. RZA Legal stands ready to assist cannabis start ups and licensees who wish to expand their footprint - whether into these new jurisdictions or into different cannabis business models.

RZA Legal is also poised to assist in one of the newest adult-use markets - the Garden State of New Jersey. As many readers are aware, New Jersey’s CRC began accepting applications for cultivations and manufacturers on December 15, 2021. CRC will begin accepting applications for dispensaries on March 15, 2022. We have developed the NJ Cannabis Game Plan for clients interested in pursuing a new adult-use cannabis business license. If you are interested in opening an adult-use dispensary in New Jersey, now is the time to reach out and get the groundwork started so you can be one of the first to apply for a New Jersey dispensary license in March.

While the federal government continues to stall on addressing the eventual legality of cannabis, we all know that the train has left the station on commercial cannabis in this country - it’s happening. And while there are still risks to entering the industry, it's becoming very clear that the feds are tending to sit back and let the laboratories of democracy continue to take the lead on cannabis regulation and "legalization”. RZA Legal is not only very experienced in guiding cannabis companies with our deep well of knowledge and skills about legal cannabis issues, we are passionate about seeing this industry as a whole succeed and move forward and to eliminate the stigma against cannabis in our society. It’s our honor to assist each of our clients make history.


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